Aerotec’s tear down area involves many steps. Once the APU arrives at our door, the customer’s paperwork is reviewed. The unit is then boroscoped and pre-tested if necessary.

Accessories are then routed for pre-test and are disassembled to the necessary level so that an evaluation can be made.

Each of our shop managers personally reviews each aspect of the APU repair process. The evaluation that is made will allow us to pass the cost savings to our customers while maintaining a high quality product. The evaluation is then sent to the customer for review and approval.


  • GTCP 36 – 150RR/ 150RJ Series
  • GTCP 85 – Ground Power Units
  • GTCP 85 – 98DCB/DHF/ 129/129H/129K/129JSeries
  • GTCP 331 – 200ER / 250H/ 350
  • GTCP 331 – 500
  • GTCP 660 – Series
  • TSCP 700–Series
  • 131-9 A/B/D– series
  • RE220
  • APS500/500R
  • APS2000
  • APS2300
  • APS3200

Aerotec’s Inspection department is responsible for maintaining the highest level of quality control. One of the procedures we have implemented, that we believe is unique to our company, is the participation of our disassembly mechanics in the inspection process. The Director of Maintenance, Quality Manager, and the Overhaul and Rework Shop Managers will also review the disassembly/inspection findings.

Our inspection department has all the precision equipment necessary to achieve air worthiness

The Coordinate measuring machine is a state of the art piece of equipment which enables the operator to measure angles, contours, curves, inside and outside diameters, and multiple dimensions on simple and complex parts of various sizes with a high amount of accuracy. This machine, connected to a personal computer, ensures proper documentation of all measurements and inspection results.

Aerotec’s customer service features a single point of contact, allowing for a same day or next day response to our customers. Customer service follows and controls parts flow throughout the complete repair process, from receipt to shipment. Our customer’s special needs, requirements and specific work instructions are initiated up front on the job order release.

Aerotec’s Field Service and training programs can be tailored to fit your specific needs or requirements. We offer in house or in the field training and troubleshooting, as well as campaign training for outstation customer needs. Our Field Service department can review your specific requirements and propose maintenance and preventive maintenance programs to fit any customer’s needs.